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R.I.P Crocodile Cafe

Posted Date: December 19, 2007 – Wednesday – 2:22 AM

Grunge is not only long dead, now it is history.  The ultra-cool Crocodile Cafe in Belltown has just closed its doors.  I feel like a friend died, or maybe he was a cool acquaintance.

And they closed the Sit and Spin a while ago; now it’s a yuppie BBQ joint.  Remember when the 211 (Billiard Club) burned down?  I watched that fire from a block away, felt like crying then, too.

The 211 was in the same building as the Speakeasy Cafe, which has come back…but as a yuppie coffee shop and a rather large ISP provider.   Sigh.  At least they still have cool art on the walls.  Belltown has changed so much!

I remember seeing Moe’s (Mo’ Rockin’) last show; that must have been ’97 or so.  Pearl Jam showed up and played, even though they were already a megaband.  And the slow death of The Off-Ramp space…one failure after another.

Then the RKCNDY, that was really sad.  My favorite show there was…crap, I can’t even remember the band’s name!  Oh yeah, and the The Velvet Elvis; another great all ages place.  Ahhh…the good ol’ Teen Dance Ordinance…not.

The times, they are a-changin.


One Response

  1. Is the OK Hotel still Ok ? How about the Tractor Tavern in Ballard ? I moved away from Seattle in ’97. I still think of these places and the great shows and times. The Off Ramp was one place I frequented. Sad to not see it during my last visit to Seattle this past Christmas/new years. IS Under the Rail still there ? The Swan was in Pioneer Square.
    Here now in Tucson AZ. The places come and go as well. Seven Black Cats was one of my favorites. They’d trade a 1 penny beer in return for a picture of your cat to hang on their wall. cool.
    Keep an eye open for the new cool places.

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