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The Definition of Unlimited

Posted Date: December 18, 2007 – Tuesday – 10:46 AM

Earlier this year I was hooked up with Verizon’s “BroadbandAccess” EVDO wireless internet.  It was pretty cool…unlimited access at DSL speeds through a wireless card; no 811.g hub required.  That is, it WAS cool until my  internet got cut off.

I called them up to find out what the problem was, and I was informed that my contract had been cancelled due to “overuse”.  Well, I tried to explain that this was a mistake, as I had the unlimited package, not one of the cheaper limited ones.  The guy explained that by “unlimited”, they actually  meant limited.  And the limit was super low…5 gigs.  Basically half a DVD per month.  I tried to explain to the guy that no amount of asteriks could change the word “unlimited” to mean “unreasonably limited”.  I’m an IT professional, for Christ’s sake!  (Yeah, I was a little heated, kind of embarassing, actually.)

Of course this pissed him off, so he adruptly said that I wasn’t allowed to download, and I clearly was.  Seriously, that’s what the guy said…”you can’t download files”.  I tried to explain to him that he wasn’t making sense, as it is impossible to use the HTTP protocol without “downloading” files.  When you “browse” the internet, all you are doing is downloading files to your local computer, and then viewing them through your browser.   MAYBE you could argue that “streaming” media wasn’t downloaded…he cuts me off…”No…you can’t stream either.”.   !*$(%!!

OK…deap breathe, and let it go.  So whatever, I got Comcast and a wireless hub.  If Verizon didn’t want my money they can stuff if.

So instead, today I got a check from Verizon.  They were sued by the NYOAG for the false advertising of their EVDO service, and chose to settle.  And I get money.  Sweet.  Telecommunication companies suck!


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  1. […] it for me without warning or prior notice.   Apparently I was guilty of using going over the bandwidth limit on my unlimited bandwidth account.  I’m sure you remember how that ended.  Oh yeah I forgot, thanks for that refund […]

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