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Things I Love About The Movie Sneakers

1) The amazing cast. This movie is the “Crash” of the 90s
Robert Redford
Dan Aykroyd
Ben Kingsley
Mary McDonnell
Sidney Poitier
River Phoenix (R.I.P.)
David Strathairn
James Earl Jones

2) Taut script, film noir pacing and mood.

3) Cryptography, spies, hacking, phreaking, secrets…all the good, scary stuff.

4) Cool gadgets, like the braile based display system for the blind hacker.

5) Again, the amazing cast. This movie is extremely well acted, there isn’t a bad performance in the bunch. Redford is swauve, in a slimy yet vulnerable way. River Phoenix plays a side character, goofy yet charming, tragic only in hindsight. Aykroyd plays the crazy conspiracy theorist, yet is oddly subdued and muted. Mary McDonnell is totally HOT and quite elegant, as always. Sidney Poitier is quit creepy in his black eyeshadow (saw “You Kill Me”; not to bad, yet somehow unfinished). Strathairn is as steady as ever, and James Earl Jones plays a small yet key role.


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