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Weird Poker Hand

Posted Date: November 10, 2007 – Saturday – 12:03 PM

Heads up final table at the first PPT Bellagio No Limit Holdem tournament. Markholt has J10o, Barry Shulman has K8s.
Markholt is on the button and first to act.
Shulman: 40,000
Markholt : I think I’m first, Barry.
Shulman :  Oops!
Markholt limps in.
Shulman (to dealer):  Am I obligated to make it 40,000?
The Tournament director is called, and the rules are checked.  Since Barry’s bet was out of turn, it’s not binding…as Barry claims to already know.
But then the dealer, thinking Barry had already acted or something, rakes the chips into the center and prepares to deal the flop.
Shulman:  Wait, I haven’t acted!
Shulman : 40,000.
Markholt calls, both players miss the flop, Shulman bets, Markholt folds.

Why this is such a weird hand:
1.  Markholt calls with a semi-weak hand even though he knows Shulman is going to raise.
2.  The dealer almost throws cards down without all the players acting.  This is extremely rare in a nine handed game, much less on a major televised final table, heads up.
3.  Shulman calls for a ruling (that he already knows), and THEN proceeds to behave as if the ruling was against him and his does exactly what he announced he was going to do.

Nerves, I think.

Doyle Brunson went out in third position, leaving Markholt with a significant chip lead that he used to win the tournament.  Dolly has said that due to his age, the long hours of tournament play really wear him out.  That was obvious in this tournament, Brunson started out crisp earlier in the day at the featured table,  successfully bluffing and semi-bluffing three hands in a row.  And then (and then!), on the fourth hand; he catches pocket Aces, gets all his money in the middle, and more than doubles up. Sick.

Compare this to his later game, where he plays quite badly; weak when he should be strong, strong when he should be weak, missing opportunities and what not. It culminated in him laying down top pair decent kicker when the board pairs second rank on the turn.  And onto the next hand, in position on the flop, he bets/gets check-raised all in/calls with an open ender and two over cards.   When I say bad, I mean “bad for Doyle”…after all the man beat out THE toughest crowd around to finish in third place!  I hope he continues to play on shows like High Stakes, as his talents really shine in the no-limit Texas Holdem cash games, where he can set his own hours.

Decay and death.  What was young is now old, and then no more.  As necessary as death is for life, it’s still sad to see men slow down, eventually stop.  The Sopranos dealt with old age a lot, first with Tony’s mom, then with with his uncle. In the last scene between Tony and Junior, Junior doesn’t even recognize him.

This all reminded me to check up on Donald Crowdis, the oldest blogger in the world at 93.  Apparently he is still kicking it old school, but isn’t updating his blog anymore.  :) and :(


One Response

  1. Donald Crowdis is Canad’s oldest blogger, but suspended his posts because his wife was seriously ill.
    Olive Riley,aged 108, who lives in an aged care hostel at Woy Woy,50 miles north of Sydney, Australia, is probably the oldest of the world’s 108 million bloggers and its oldest YouTuber.

    She celebrated her 108th birthday on October 20.

    She was born in Broken Hill in 1899, when Sydney was the capital of the British colony of New South Wales, ruled from London by an aged Queen Victoria.

    Physically frail but mentally alert, Olive raised her three children on her own, survived two world wars , the Great Depression of the 1930s, and worked as a barmaid, an egg sorter, and a station (ranch) cook.

    Olive’s blog, The Life of Riley, http://www.allaboutolive.com.au has a huge Internet following. Prepared by her helper, international film maker Mike Rubbo, and based on his interviews with Olive, it attracts hundreds of enthusiastic comments from many countries, and from bloggers of all ages.

    The London (UK) newspaper The Sun recently published a story about Olive: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/real_life/article548314.ece

    Ray (Dad) White(94) a Tennessee tomato grower, is America’s oldest blogger. His website is http://journals.aol.com/white6416r/DadsTomatoGardenJournal/

    Best wishes, Eric. (I’m only 88).

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