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Heath Ledger and Drug Interactions

Heath Ledger died a couple of days ago due to a tragic drug overdose. Although it is still inconclusive, it seems likely that this was an accidental overdose due to the patient not following prescription guidelines. I’ve seen pills used and abused, and I just want to warn everyone who might not know: Taking prescription pills in the wrong amount or the wrong combination can kill you!

For example, numerous times I’ve seen people at parties take a Valium and couple of Vicodin, then slam a few beers. Or a Xanax and a Oxycodon with a martini…same difference. Being the busy body that I am, I’ve tried to educate people on the dangers of taking multiple drugs that depress the central nervous system. You just might fall asleep and never wake up.

The best thing to do is not to take drugs without a prescription! But if you feel you must get high to relax, it is much more safe to take only one type of medication at a time. And be careful of mixing alcohol with anything, as it increases the effects of many drugs. Anti-anxiety medication, especially Benzo-diazepines like Xanax or Valium, can also be very dangerous; and are increasing in popularity as a recreational drug. Also remember that Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Oxycodone are opiates, similar to Heroin or Opium. All opiates are addictive, many highly addictive in short amounts of time. So don’t take them, or if you must do so very sparingly. Kicking an opium addiction is not something you want to do (for a vivid example of this see “Trainspotting“)

At the very least, do some research before you experiment! Have fun, but please be safe.


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