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Researching Scientology

On Friday 7 of the top 10 posts on digg.com were Scientology related. Right now the top post is some frat boys wearing “blackface”. Ahhh…the internet…traffic is capricious*. It’s very possible some sort of censorship or digg spamming is going on; either is more likely than a sudden drop in interest in Scientology.

Granted, Barrack Obama’s win in South Carolina is HUGE, and might save me from bitching about Hillary for four years. While I don’t think he is some kind of magic bullet, I still think he wouldn’t screw up the job too badly.

But War on Scientology is certainly not over.

Anonymous took a hit when “Regime” hacked 711chan.org and told everyone they fail, and that they were as lame as Scientology. Anonymous was pissed, and took back the board and published all the personal information of Regime. Currently the site is down. I’m confused, is this LULZ? It’s interesting that the first real hit back in the war was hacker on hacker, not Scientologist on hacker.

Regardless, Anon has already accomplished its first goal, which was the promotion of non-approved information about Scientology on the Internet. Copyright is not a good excuse when it comes to commentary and critique, and we are certainly critiquing! With a small amount of internet searching skills it is quite easy to find videos, documents, and detailed technical dictionaries all over the internet. Much of this was previously available, but now it is easy to find as well. Scientologies lawyers are scary, but I will not let that stop me from commenting on it as is my Constitutional Right. I too can afford lawyers; I will not break the law, but I also will not be intimidated.

I am continuing to research this corporation and will continue along with thousands of other bloggers. Scientology, we are your suppressive persons (SP), we analytically question your tech and your processes. We are alloying your affinity; we are communicating whether or not you desire it. You have been greatly deceived and we seek your gnosis.

The first place to start is with those who have intimate knowledge of the church and are willing to talk:

Steven Fishman Interview

Reject the “Wall of Fire” = Expulsion. Margery Wakefield’s tragic story.

Ex-Scientologist staff reports.

Won’t somebody think about the children!?” propaganda.

High Level Scientologist breaks code of silence.

Appendix to Scientology Terms. Absolutely essential for the new guy; this group is HUGE on private vocabulary and acronyms. Reminds me of the computer programmers and programs that Scientology’s “Tech” mimics. The Admin and Technical Dictionaries would be a much better source of information, though.

Some of these people have mental health issues, and it’s possible they might have made all this stuff up. One might also think that the church’s message appeals very strongly to these types. Some of what they say is obvious fabrication, but most of the statements are backed up by released materials and/or similar cases. For example, Margery’s story of being “off-loaded” is backed up by the Admin Dictionaries definition of “Fitness Board”. The jury is still definitely out, but Steven Fishman’s account is incredibly informative for those who are seriously interested.

Will Wheaton has something to say as well. We love you, Will, Crusher is dead.

* see below

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