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Obama FTW?

A couple of days ago Obama took the South Carolina Democratic primary, winning 56 percent of the overall votes.  Clinton was in second place with 12 percent of the vote.  Twelve percent.  Epic win!

Next, Ted “Fatty” Kennedy unexpectedly threw his weight behind Obama, stunning Hillary and her supporters everwhere.  Kennedy has taken a very critical stance against the execution of the Iraq War, and Obama is the closest thing to an anti-War president we’re likely to get.  Kennedy is also very socially liberal, as is Obama.  w00t!

Obama also got a key supporter in John Kerry earlier this month.  Now, looks like the California Teachers Association is going with Obama.  They were expected to support Clinton, but have recently changed their minds due to a large outcry among the rank and file.   This is very unexpected and could portend a serious threat to Clinton’s campaign.


The tides are changing.  The media and pollsters were telling us it’s going to be Huckabee vs. Clinton, but it looks like the people disagree; it could just as easily be McCain vs. Obama.  Which would be nice either way; they would both make good executives.  Personally, I believe the Republican Party should FAIL for what they’ve done to this country, for the lives they’ve ruined and lies they’ve told.


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