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War on Pot: $42 Billion a Year

The War on Pot cost 42 billion last year; roughly 10% of the federal deficit.

I was listening to Love Line the other night; something I do rarely now that Adam is on in the morning.  Some surfer dude called up with an asinine question, but he mentioned that he smokes pot except before during competition (They are tested for drugs, performance enhancing or not).

Drew immediately called him an addict, and started lecturing him on his pot dependency, telling him to get help.  Drew has done this a number of times; and it’s always bugged me.  Freakin’ typical, that’s what I get for listening to radio “doctors.”

Chemical dependency is a very real pysiological effect, sometimes with disastrous results.  Drugs like tobacco, heroin, and meth form dependency in almost everyone very quickly, within days or months even if only used a few times a week.

Drugs like alchohol and pot make only a few dependent, and for those people it takes years of daily use, most often coupled with depression and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.  This is well documented, and available for anyone who cares to do the research. (I recommend “Chocolate to Morphine” to start).

There are very real symptoms experienced from taking these drugs, and they have been well studied.  If Drew categorized all wine drinkers as chemical dependents he would be flame-bait.  But he can pick on the weekend pot smoker with impunity, because of this country’s perverse war on a drug with less side effects than alchohol.

PS: Washington rocks;  Obama got 2 of every 3 caucus votes.


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  1. Funny that you mention this because I recently started listening to the show again for the first time in years and I have been feeling the same way about Drew’s slanted take on pot.

    I hold the vast majority of his viewpoints in high regard both due to his standing in his field (he has seven or so recognized credentials) and his uncanny ability to ‘read’ callers accurately. That notwithstanding, he sadly seems to follow the rest of his allopathic peers in automatically condemning anything involving pot.

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