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May You Live in Interesting Times

I am seeing a marked decrease in complacency out there. Whether this will be good or bad remains to be seen, but I think it as a positive thing.

Obama is doing remarkably well against Clinton, winning the most delegates so far. More importantly, he’s smashing the popular vote, getting remarkably close to 2 to 1 against Billary. He is crushing both McCain and Clinton for the independent vote. A black man raised as a Muslim is being embraced by moderates; this country sure is learning from its past. Even more amazing is how well Obama is doing with the youth. The Democratic Party better realize the treasure it has in Obama. They need to recognize the amazing turnout at caucuses for exactly what it is; disgust with neo-conservative quasi-fascist policies. Obama is the the antithesis of this, and it is no surprise he has captured the imagination of so many people.


Project Chanology invaded meat-space with a large worldwide protest, including one in dear old Seattle. It has also been noticed by the mainstream press, making the front page of newsweek.com Pretty cool. The “lulz” of Project Chanology is still coming through, with a parody of the Tom Cruise video by Pastafarians along with a companion “Anonymous” parody video against Pastafarianism:

“We are Anonymous

We do not forgive.

We do not double park.

We do not know the sweet touch of a woman.

Expect us.”


Awesome. “Hot girls”, you must show up to these things. And I appreciate that so many people have stood up against using illegal and supressive tactics, as these just play right into their hands. The next protest in on March 5th, LRH’s BD. I have a lot more to say on this fascinating subject, but more on that later. Stay safe, kids!


PS: Does anybody who is not Ethan know who Rob Sheridan is? (he took pic above)

Congress is finally showing some freakin’ balls. FISA, contempt, walk-outs, all sorts of good times. Public Service Announcement from Sidetrack: “if telco’s don’t get immunity, terrorists will kill your Grandmother.” Do you really think Bush & Co. gives a crap whether some telco executives go to jail? The problem is, the telco’s defense will be “We were just following orders“. Now that the wire-tapping is widely known (thank you internets!), “state secret privileges” do not apply, so this whole ball of crap is going to court. Can someone shout”Unconstitutional”? Guess who’s busy covering their asses!


On some strictly personal news, I’ve started working for a multinational consulting company, as a Sr. Business Intelligence Developer. For good reason, corporations are sensitive about free expression of thought by their employees, especially if it contradicts societal norms. A loud mouth employee can be a bigger risk than asset, regardless of how effective he may be.

As a representative of my company what I do and say is very important, and I must always be respectful and courteous. So I want to make it clear this is my PERSONAL OPINION BLOG; protected under basic human rights, and has nothing to do with any corporate interests at all. It is in my legal right (and responsibility, I think) to use my real name for an opinion blog, and it is well within a company’s rights to not be represented on that blog. Free thinkers can be a tremendous asset for corporations as long as we all remember these things.

But on a strictly personal note, this is a very interesting time to live in, and I’m loving it! And speaking of interesting:


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