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Puppygate 2008

Saw this on digg yesterday, looks like it’s been picked up by mainstream news. 429 hits on google news (for puppy + marine), probably going to be three times as many tomorrow. While the jury is still out on whether this was a stunt or not, It appears to be quite real; a US Marine tossing casually tossing a living puppy off a cliff.

Netizens quickly identified the alleged perp (from Monroe, WA!), posting his bobo site and personal contact information all over the internet. Death threats started rolling in; Anon does not take kindly to bullies. It’s not that the puppy’s life is more important than even a depraved person’s life, it’s that this man hurt something smaller and weaker than him just to appear macho to his friends. I have a feeling he’s regretting it now….

That sort of behavior drives the kiddies mad; probably because they’ve all had personal experiences with people like this. I realize that most of our Marines are good discipled soldiers; it is unfortunate that a unstable minority makes them all look bad. And it seems a whole lot of bother over one animal (last year PETA put down 97% of the animals in their care).

The things that horrifies us the most is 1) the innocents of the victim and it’s terrified screams, 2) the senselessness of the violence, and 3) the act was committed by a warrior who’s nominal purpose is to protect the US people and their interests.

The powers that be should be warned; you do not control media distribution anymore! The Internets is Serious Business. Traditionally we have not see these images in mainstream news; even today YouTube pulled the video for “violations of terms and services”.  So that particular battle is certainly not over, but the blatant, moralistic, and politically convenient suppression of the truth will not succeed.


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  1. Thats a new thing I have come across today.

    Thanks for posting.

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