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Climate Change: Who Cares Who’s Causing It, Are We Prepared?



  1. We know that our climate is changing.
  2. We don’t know if we are causing it.
  3. We don’t know if we can stop it.
  4. We are not prepared for it.
  5. We’re not even DISCUSSING preparation.

There is a rapidly growing mound of evidence that our climate is changing rapidly. I’m not going to do your research for you, and the issue is admittedly quite complex. But scientists the world over agree that the climate is changing, and it is changing more rapidly than we have ever seen. There is overwhelming consensus about the evidence. And yes, we landed on the moon, too.

The “Big Debate” is whether human activity is causing this. The big bad wolf everybody pays attention to is hydrocarbons. Another possibility of human caused climate change is deforestation. Another is ocean plankton health. There are others.

The strongest scientific support for this comes from the IPCC, who state that there is “new and stronger” evidence that climate change is caused by recent human activities of some sort. “New” implies that studies are ongoing and evidence is still being found, and “stronger” implies that there is more evidence now then there was before. Honestly, the recent climate changes might never be fully understood.

But now we are told that the debate is over, that we need to focus on “Prevention”. I’m sure you’ve seen it; drive a Prius, recycle, and kiss a tree. Only YOU can prevent climate change! Let’s assume that we are causing the problem; does that mean that we can fix it? Let’s say we turned all carbon emissions off tomorrow, stopped polluting, and started planting trees instead of cutting them down. Would this prevent Climate Change? Let’s say we dropped a nuclear bomb into a volcano, causing ash to spread all over the world. What if that might do the the trick? That is preposterous, of course, but how sure would we have to be when risking the entire ecosystem?

I have a better idea.. We know it’s happening without much doubt. We don’t know if we are causing it, or if we can prevent it. So wouldn’t it make sense to GET THE F*@K READY?


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