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Top 10 Christian (Evangelical) Albums of the 90s

I was reading the hilarious blog “Rapture Ready“, and was inspired by one of the blogs to come up with my Top 10 Christian (made by Evangelicals) Albums of the 90’s.

  1. Jeremy Enigk’s “Return of the Frog Queen” – Jeremy Enigk was the front man for “Sunny Day Real Estate”, an early example of what is now commonly called “emo”. In the 90s he briefly flirted with being Born Again, and also produced this AMAZING album during that time. Listen to it on youtube here and here.  Better yet, go buy it.
  2. Michael Knott’s “Rocket and a Bomb”– edgy album from the grandfather of christian alternative.
  3. Danielson Famile’s “A Prayer For Every Hour” – These guys are twak, but no ones denies they’re creative. And really, this album is quite wonderful.
  4. Sixpence None the Richer’s “The Fatherless and the Widow” – Not a one hit wonder.
  5. Lost Dog’s “Little Red Riding Hood” – alt-country super group.
  6. Prayer Chain’s “Mercury” – ahead of their time. too good to be Christian music.
  7. StarFlyer59’s “She’s the Queen” – drone pop.  Lost of guitars. Then more guitars.
  8. Poor Old Lu’s “Sraight Six” – these guys were awesome.  Really, really good; again too good for Chrstian music.
  9. The Choir’s “Circle Slide” – beautiful melodic pop.
  10. MxPx’s “On the Cover” – fun pop punk covers.

6 Responses

  1. My top ten, whatever it might be, would definitely have to include Vigilantes of Love (Killing Floor and Blister Soul) and Over the Rhine (Til We Have Faces or Patience).

  2. VOL’s Blister Soul certainly diserves honorable mention. also P.O.D’s “Brown” album.

    I am not a fan of “Over the Rhine”. I am not NOT a fan of “Over the Rhine”. I was not even aware that members of the band were Christians.

  3. Over the Rhine, is mainly comprised of a husband and wife team, who are Christians. I first saw them in Atlanta at InnerSeeds in the early 90’s and then later at Cornerstone. Like many on your list, they have never desired to make “Christian music”/CCM/crap (whatever you might call it). Stylistically, they are very different from the groups on this list, so it makes sense that you might not like them.

  4. Topmost says : I absolutely agree with this !

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Liquefiable!!

  6. Needs more Plankeye, whether The Spill, Spark, or Commonwealth, all of those are tops. :)
    Poor Old Lu – Mindsize, Sin, Straight Six (which you mentioned).
    Stavesacre – Absolutes.

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