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XKCD Makes the NYT


I adore xkcd. The site is not that old (Sept. 2005), but it had instant appeal among the slashdot crowd, and these days its popular at digg nd stumbledupon. I looked in my bookmarks, and my first xkcd saved link is from April 2006, so I’m old skool, baby! (I’m worried, my Firefox spell checker did not catch my purposeful mis-spelling of the word “school”)

This is the intersection of popular and geek culture, like the Lord of the Rings movies, or Internet Party 2 (New! Improved!) There IS internet culture, people, and we are forming it ourselves.

Consider this the Wild West, only with more porn and body fat and less cows and guns. The Wild Frontier of flame-wars, virulent memes, and chubby chicks; this will be talked about in reverent tones in years to come.

I love you, xkcd.

In fact, I’m totally gay for you.


One Response

  1. yeah xkcd is the bomb! i’m gay for it too ;-)

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