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Cracka For Barack-a

I gotta get me one of these.  My main man Obama is now the Presidential Candidate for the Democrats.  Suck it, Hillary!  Take your freakin’ earmarks and shove em.

This is a best case scenario for me.  In a blog in 2006, triumphing the rounding defeat of the 109th Congress, I rip the Democratic Party a new one, and then state:

“So, here’s what I would like Democrats to focus on in the coming years. If they do a good job, maybe we can have a liberal president (If they do a bad job, hopefully we can have an intelligent conservative like John McCain, but that’s another blog)”

Entire blog reposted here for your convenience:

So now I’ve got to chose between a savvy conservative and an inspiring liberal.  Obama is the first presidential candidate I’ve fully supported, I’ve even sent his campaign money.  Twice.  So I’m pretty stoked.  I’m also curious to see how McCain is going to place himself, with regards to his predecessor’s policies.  So far it’s not looking good.

Mr. McCain, you are the republican candidate because you are the only electable person in that godforsaken party.  Distance yourself from Bush and everything bush stood for.  Don’t stand with the war criminals.  Take this party in the direction it needs to go; because you are one of the few men who could do it.

But of course, I am rooting for Obama.


2 Responses

  1. I forsee an improvement no matter who’s elected. Although considering who’s the current president my mailman would be an improvement.

  2. Oh, ouch, lol!

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