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Will Program for Food


Hello, world!

I’ve been neglecting my blog, as my one reader pointed out to me (Hi Tim!) .  But yeah;  it’s kind of sad.  Twenty years from now everyone will be talking about how historic this time was, and I’ll curiously look back on my blog, and there won’t be anything there!

First off, congratulations to Obama.  You’ve shown us again the power of an amazing political orator.   Your rhetoric is sound, and I hope you can put your country where your mouth is.  I supported you when Hillary was well ahead, and I support you now; but I also fear what’s coming.

Condolences to John McCain; you are an outstanding politician; a credit to your profession.   In many ways you were the better man for the job, more experienced and tougher, more fiscally responsible.  But your party is a disgrace, and your choice of running mate was SO CYNICAL I actually threw up a little in my mouth.


Next, the economy.  The US has been borrowing itself into oblivion for so long, I question whether we can pull out of it on not.  Tens of trillions of paper assets have disappeared overnight, in what can only be seen as the biggest firesale of the millenium (whoo-hoo!) or a correction to a market so “deregulated” that they managed to make mountains out of molehills.

One thing I’ve learned through this mess; NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THE ECONOMY.  The Federal Reserve system is opaque, incredibly complex, and is suffused with alchemical formulas and esoteric magic.   The biggest bluffing game of the millenium (OF THE MILLENIUM!) has reached fifth street, and the dealers are asking us to show our hands.

I could go on and on about credit, assets, etc. etc.  Like gravity, we don’t have to understand the economy. It’s simply too complex to reduce into linear equations.  Instead we must be guided by one fundamental law, “WHAT WORKS?”.  No ideology will beat this for measurable results.

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is because I’m prone to tirades.  The government is holding secret tribunal trials.  The nation is reeling from expensive wars and the bad PR they have generated.  We feel lied to and duped, and we should!  We were, and are still, being lied to.  The defense department has bee spreading propaganda about the war through their network of media advisers.  The 9/11 Commision Report still lies unanswered; giving these Truthers grist for their conspiracy mills.


And now to the happy!  In this fountain of uncertainty and paranoia ride the social networks.  People gossip, argue, crack jokes and laugh.  We dissect the barrage of information coming at us, trying to parse it in a way that makes sense.  This leads to very funny results sometimes, but the self-correcting nature of the networks seems to deal with the smaller stuff.

It’s the big delusions that we have to watch out for.

Thank you reddit.com!

Thank you digg.com!

Thank you liveleak.com!

Thank you youtube.com!

Thank you amazon.com you dinosaur you!

Thank you WordPress, encyclopediadramatica, Plaxo,  linkedin,  icanhascheezburger, and all you other wonderful web 2.0 sites out there.  Monetize the swarm!  I have hope for the next generation, a little.

Oh yeah, and thanks to the two sites I use the most, google and wikipedia.  You are a part of me.