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Blakeslee Family Genealogy

Original Posted Date: January 23, 2007 – Tuesday – 10:52 AM

Attention Blakeslee family members! Here is the genealogyof the blakeslee family, all the way back to Sidney S. Ford Sr., who was born May 10, 1801, over 200 years ago!

I’m a little confused as to why this geneology follows Annie Laura Ford (b. app 1880) instead of Nathan Blakeslee, as he was our earliest ancestor with the Blakeslee name. His son, Benjamin Blakeslee, married Annie Laura Ford on Jan 10, 1900, in Aberdeen WA!



Aberdeen, the same city I grew up in! The most amazing thing to me is how long our family has been in the Pacific Northwest. Sidney S. Ford Sr. settled in Centralia, WA in 1845, over 150 years ago. My ancestors were some of the first white people in the area. We also have indian ancestors, most notably Tuweequshun (mother of Annie Laura Ford), a member of the Chehalis tribe. So technically me ancestors go back to before the white man even showed up! I had no idea my roots ran so deep in the area…it’s truly amazing. They were indians, pioneers, soldiers, and trappers. Maybe they were “trash”, but I’m proud to come from such sturdy stock. [Edit: I was remonstrated for referring to my ancestors as “trash”, but I assure you I do so with the utmost respect for them and who they were.  They were NOT trash, they were the stuff that made this country great].

I’ll post more about this later, as I do more research. But to my family members, print this document out and give it to your parents/children; they will love you for it.

A very BIG thanks to my brother Corey for getting this from our aunt and uncle, scanning it in, and posting it on his website!

Comments for Feb 2009:

“The next spring Joseph Borst (b. 1801) settled on the north bank of the Chehalis River, just downstream of the confluence, and Sidney (1801-1866) and Nancy (1806-1898) Ford settled north of Borst on what is now Fords Prairie with their children. Both Borst and the Fords had recently arrived in Oregon Territory (which until 1853 included what is now Western Washington) from the Midwest.     ”



Fort Borst Blockhouse in Fort Borst Park, Centralia, WA

“The first postoffice ws secured by sidney ford at Ford’s Prairie in 1856, and called Skookumchuch.”

Source: The Coast, by Honor L. Wilhelm

 “Located in southwest Washington, the town of Centralia was founded by George Washington, an African American who came west in 1850 to escape discrimination.”



One Response

  1. It is amazing to know where your roots come from.

    I showed the Blakeslee family history to my dad before he passed away, then my grandpa read it after him and they both said that my aunt (fwife to my uncle on my dad’s side of the family), who was from the Saunders family are related to the Ford family. Corey said it was through marriage, but still I thought that was neat, really makes you think it’s a small world after all. lol

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