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About Calvin Lawson

I am a computer programmer in the Seattle area, specializing in SQL database design and development. I am a firm believer in civil free speech and the open criticism that free speech requires. Although some of you may disagree with what I write, I urge you to not discriminate against me.  Blogs most likely to offend; those on politics or religion. Least likely to offend, blogs on computers, books and movies, and about science.

I am constitutional literalist, socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I am an agnostic atheist, and work to ensure that everyone understand there are limitations to our metaphysical constucts. I love the wonderful process of discovery we call science, and my one regret is that I’ll probably never see how it all works out. I love film and making movies, books and writing, computers and coding, the Internet and online participation.

GOVERNMENT must be based on the CONSENT of a FREE and INFORMED people. This system has many failure points, but it’s the best we’ve got so far.

The concepts of infallibility and inerrancy are antithetical to all reasonable thought and discourse. We must both respect and question ALL authority, including our own.

I strongly support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I was raised in a “nondenominational evangelical church”, now more commonly referred to as “fundamentalist Christianity”. I rejected this “One Way” religion when my doubt finally overcame my faith. This doubt came from observing and learning about the systems of the world, and realizing how parochial and unreasonably confident my faith structure had been. The price of this deprogramming is an eternal fascination with religious belief of all kinds.

Cognition comes from the brain. When the brain dies, cognition ends. Matter became self-aware through a process of physical and psychological improvements. How this all was accomplished is not understood very well, but what we do know is fascinating!

Small image of me in hat This is me.  In a hat.


9 Responses

  1. You are very cute and I like you.

  2. Awww, I’m blushing. Thanks!

  3. Most people dont know how lucky they are for having basic rights of freedom of speech and thought. As a current Mexican woman and wife I envy you (in a good and inspirational way) for being able to do and talk about all you are interested in.
    In a way being aware of true and reality is a disadvange because you cannot live in denial as other do, plus there is always somebody who wants take advantage of your ideas. This has been my experience as a Mexican woman.
    Keep up the good work.
    best regards
    Me, (former Mexican chess champion, in the middle of resigning the job of being a wife and current business woman).

  4. @Calvin – just got here but i like your attitude so far ;-)

  5. Hi! I googled you and here you are :-D send me some mail and let’s get together sometime-it’s been years!!!

  6. Discourse requires subjectivity acknowledging itself as such, rather than as something more. I recommend the following post: http://deligentia.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/objective-vs-subjective-a-matter-of-biblical-hyperbole/

  7. Hypocritical,

    Thank you for your comment. Of course my blogs are subjective, in that they are based on my experiences. Even when I speak of scientific matters, the objectivity is assumed to be of limited scope.

    I may not explicitly state this, but hopefully it will be understood since I do not claim god’s words as my own; or claim myself inherently superior. I do believe many of my views are more valid than others, of course; but I recognize that itself is a value judgment based on very limited experience.

  8. “The price of this deprogramming is an eternal fascination with religious belief of all kinds.”

    very well said.

    Once you get away from the dogma of “this way or no way”
    all religion becomes interesting, because you are free from restrictions. This is coming from a Christian.

    “Matter became self-aware through a process of physical and psychological improvements.”

    whoa buddy, slow down.
    consciousness is not the result of the brain and the brain only, that would disrupt the laws of cause and effect.

    • “consciousness is not the result of the brain and the brain only, that would disrupt the laws of cause and effect.”

      Sorry, a non-physical source of motivation would disrupt the law of cause and effect, while a physical source would not.

      If you’re interested, here is a long but fascinating discussion of this very topic.


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