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Intelligent Design

Answers in Genesis?

The arguments surrounding Intelligent Design and Evolution are everywhere. Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled” has certainly brought a lot more people looking for information on the debate.

While I’m no scientist, I do have the experience of having faith in Young Earth Creationism as a child, and as an adult understanding that Evolution (Modern Synthesis) bests fits the evidence.

These days I understand you can believe the religious philosophy of a Creator and still be a good evolutionary scientist. But for better or worse this balanced view is not accepted by the most vocal and political form of Christianity the United States. Protestant Evangelical Neo-fundamentalists are the ones advocating Intelligent Design as a scientific, not religious, theory, mainly through a think tank called the Discovery Institute

By the Discovery Institutes own words (the Wedge Strategy), Intelligent Design theory is part of a larger goal of minimizing the influences of Naturalism and Moral Relativism in popular culture. This makes perfect sense, as Intelligent Design, Naturalism (Reductionism, Materialism, etc. ) and Moral Relativism are all PHILOSOPHY, not science. Modern Synthesis = Science; Intelligent Design = Philosophy.

In the series linked to above, I contrast science and philosophy, Intelligent Design and the Modern Synthesis, skepticism and spirituality . This is intended primarily as a personal commentary on this intense debate, but it can also be used as a study guide for those looking for basic information on a complex subject.

I’ve also included an incomplete list of references below, as I am too lazy to rigorously cite them:

Reference Material:


8 Responses

  1. You need to read the Wikipedia page on Rushdoony
    and watch the YouTube of Rushdooney setting forth his misunderstanding of history, and setting forth his fear of government.

    Then understand that several of the men who support and work at the Discovery Institute are acolytes of his. This connection is not easily come by and I don’t have a link for you. I have heard that Ahmanson who gave them startup money was closely connected:

    The intent of Biblical Reconstructionism is to replace the government of the U.S. with a model built on ancient “Biblical” law. The wedge document outlines the strategy. http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/barbara_forrest/wedge.html

    Rushdoony The Calvinsits were concerned with how to be good Christians and came up with rationalizations for causing civil unrest. Rushdooney is passing on the practical civil war rationale.

    Did you ever wonder why so many of them are concerned with the end of the world? If it *is* the end of the world, then it is OK to give civil structures a hard push to hasten the second coming.

    At any rate, I think I have put stuff into the comment that provides sufficient support to create doubt in people’s minds about the aims of conservative education reform.

    Christian apologists don’t understand that their civil relationship with the state has been hijacked. Most of them aren’t DI recruits and honestly don’t care about knowledge except where it impinges on their faith.

  2. My paragraph:
    “Rushdoony The Calvinsits were concerned with how to be good Christians and came up with rationalizations for causing civil unrest. Rushdooney is passing on the practical civil war rationale.”
    is really stupid. Sorry.

    Rushdoony admired the rationalizations provided by some Calvinist theologians who needed rationalizations to disobey legal authorities, so he adopted them.

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