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Too Beautiful To Live – The New Face of Radio



Over the past year or so I’ve been fascinated with AM radio.   I’m addicted to the potent blend of right wing demagogy, pious preachers and conspiracy theorists.   (Or my favorite, all of the above.)  I think it’s the earnest insanity that gets me. 

And then I found tbtl, the show that’s probably too beautiful to live.   In a sea of insanity lies one small pocket of…more insanity.  But it’s our insanity, and I love them.  It’s difficult to describe the show, you simply have to listen.  It’s kind of like the Benny Hillifier.  Or like “Gardening with Marty Chang“.   They would be down with Cuil Theory.  

They love anything meta; recursion and self reference are almost daily themes.  They like fractals.  I would not be surprised if some of them have read G.E.B.  If they haven’t, they should.  If you haven’t you should.

In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion

 They have a podcast, and in Seattle you can listen to them at 97.3 KIRO FM between 7 and 10 PM Monday through Saturday.  AM’s being deprecated…sigh.

Listen to tbtl, so that they do live.   And now, here’s a funny animal video, brought to you by the Benny Hillifier.


Top 10 Christian (Evangelical) Albums of the 90s

I was reading the hilarious blog “Rapture Ready“, and was inspired by one of the blogs to come up with my Top 10 Christian (made by Evangelicals) Albums of the 90’s.

  1. Jeremy Enigk’s “Return of the Frog Queen” – Jeremy Enigk was the front man for “Sunny Day Real Estate”, an early example of what is now commonly called “emo”. In the 90s he briefly flirted with being Born Again, and also produced this AMAZING album during that time. Listen to it on youtube here and here.  Better yet, go buy it.
  2. Michael Knott’s “Rocket and a Bomb”– edgy album from the grandfather of christian alternative.
  3. Danielson Famile’s “A Prayer For Every Hour” – These guys are twak, but no ones denies they’re creative. And really, this album is quite wonderful.
  4. Sixpence None the Richer’s “The Fatherless and the Widow” – Not a one hit wonder.
  5. Lost Dog’s “Little Red Riding Hood” – alt-country super group.
  6. Prayer Chain’s “Mercury” – ahead of their time. too good to be Christian music.
  7. StarFlyer59’s “She’s the Queen” – drone pop.  Lost of guitars. Then more guitars.
  8. Poor Old Lu’s “Sraight Six” – these guys were awesome.  Really, really good; again too good for Chrstian music.
  9. The Choir’s “Circle Slide” – beautiful melodic pop.
  10. MxPx’s “On the Cover” – fun pop punk covers.

Buddies Looking for Work

I have some buddies who are looking for a job, so check out their resumes.

R.I.P Crocodile Cafe

Posted Date: December 19, 2007 – Wednesday – 2:22 AM

Grunge is not only long dead, now it is history.  The ultra-cool Crocodile Cafe in Belltown has just closed its doors.  I feel like a friend died, or maybe he was a cool acquaintance.

And they closed the Sit and Spin a while ago; now it’s a yuppie BBQ joint.  Remember when the 211 (Billiard Club) burned down?  I watched that fire from a block away, felt like crying then, too.

The 211 was in the same building as the Speakeasy Cafe, which has come back…but as a yuppie coffee shop and a rather large ISP provider.   Sigh.  At least they still have cool art on the walls.  Belltown has changed so much!

I remember seeing Moe’s (Mo’ Rockin’) last show; that must have been ’97 or so.  Pearl Jam showed up and played, even though they were already a megaband.  And the slow death of The Off-Ramp space…one failure after another.

Then the RKCNDY, that was really sad.  My favorite show there was…crap, I can’t even remember the band’s name!  Oh yeah, and the The Velvet Elvis; another great all ages place.  Ahhh…the good ol’ Teen Dance Ordinance…not.

The times, they are a-changin.